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Diana & Pavel

22. 8. 2021

For their wedding day, Diana and Pavel chose the beautiful surroundings of Bludov. As part of the wedding decoration, their friends took care of transforming their lawn into a confetti field overnight and after the ceremony, Diana had to show her firefighter skills, which she handled with ease. The ceremony hall in Postřelmov was used for their marriage vows, from where they moved to the nearby restaurant Bludoveček. For their portraits, we then took a walk into the surrounding fields at sunset. I try to do my best for you at a wedding, but even so, these two seemed to take care of me more than I did of them. I'm so glad to find myself more and more often at relaxed weddings these days, where the newlyweds don't let the little things spoil the day and enjoy themselves and the simple presence of their loved ones.

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