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Miriam & Honza

4. 9. 2021

I have been going to Broumov regularly to visit one of my closest beings, but this time the purpose of my trip was her brother's wedding. That made this wedding in the beautiful surroundings of Broumov all the more important for me. During the bride's preparations, Honza managed to come back from spending the night on a rock, and so he and Miriam said yes to each other in the pension Majka in the village of Slavny. We went to the Broumovské Stěny National Nature Reserve at sunset for the wedding portraits. The biggest test of the day, however, was waiting for Honza after our return, and he had to use all his sports experience. When you let the groom change in advance, it's clear that it's going to be a big one. Can't speak for the groom, but you can be sure that everyone else enjoyed this test thoroughly.

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