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Nevěsta se dotýká svého dědu při svatebních gratulacích, ilustrace hodnoty svatebního focení.

Photographing a wedding is so much more to me than where you were and what you wore. You and your loved ones are the ones who make a wedding.

I try to capture your relationship with them 
because that's what you'll appreciate most when you look at your photos in the future.

It's hard to know the value of photographs until they're the only thing you have left.

Novomanželé se objímají při svatebním focení v areálu Jívová u Olomouce, ilustrace doporučení fotografa.

"Honza managed to make me feel comfortable and at ease.

He really has a knack for capturing all the emotions and moods of the moment. Looking at the photos afterward, you feel like you're enjoying all those precious moments all over again."

Hanka & Michal

I prefer to photograph the whole day because I believe you put a lot of effort into it and every single wedding day has a story that deserves to be documented. More time at the wedding allows you to get used to the presence of the camera quicker and also means more moments with your loved ones.

I strive to make sure your wedding is carefree, so I have no time constraints and will be with you as long as you desire.


For a photo booth or even just to spice up your wedding, I will be happy to lend you
an Instax SQ1 for free. 

I edit each photo and you will receive them (500+) in both color and black and white.
You will receive a selection of photos in print before I sent you the online gallery. I want you to stop, find a moment 
and enjoy your memories the way they deserve.


I believe in the power of print, which is also why I'm happy to discuss the possibility
of creating your wedding album after your wedding. Not only is this a great way to preserve your story for future generations, it also offers the opportunity to present your day to family and friends in a much more enjoyable and more impressive form.



The most important thing I can offer you is one soul who will do their absolute best to make your day unforgettable. 

Please contact me for availability and current pricing.



Let's go for coffee, and get to know each other. Tell me all your wedding dreams and see how I can help you fulfill them.


You just made me your photographer and personal cheerleader and put your worries out of your mind. Now the formalities - signing the contract, paying the deposit.



We'll schedule an engagement shoot so you know what to look forward to, and so you can use them for your invitations.


I'll help you with scheduling preparations to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Your day is coming up, let's get together to go through the details and confirm the location for the shoot.


It's here! You're enjoying your day and I'm by your side making sure you keep all those priceless memories.  


You're having your favorite drink and smiling as you remember one of the most important days
of your lives. 

You can repeat this step whenever and with whomever you want!

You deserve more than a person
with a camera

I'm not taking my role lightly.
It's important to me that I become
a part of your wedding as soon as possible and don't come there
as a stranger. 


I'd love to learn more about you,
fill out the contact form and I'll get
back to you as soon as possible.

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