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Eliška & Pavel

12. 9. 2020

The wedding of Eliska and Pavel was one of those great rural celebrations which truly everyone can enjoy. Pavel rode a bike to the church, and right behind him was the priest who did so as well. He pronounced them man and wife in St Katerina's church in Vilemov. In the evening he came to join the party and party he did. So much so that he quite literally wiped the floor with the bride. :) It's such a joy when the wedding has a natural flow to it, and stress gives way to love and laughter. When the newlyweds are as kind and friendly as these two, it's hard not to almost consider yourself one of the guests. Days and people like these are the reason why I love what I do so much. Thank you for letting me be a part of the symbolic beginning of your shared journey through life!

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