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Authentic, unadulterated photos packed with emotion for anyone who wants to be themselves.

Are you waiting for the right time to document your family? 

That time is now. 
One look at your kids is enough to know how fast time flies by.
Capture the present with all that it means for you at this moment,
with all the love and the chaos.

Just as you will remember it.

That's what family is all about.

Hold hands, hug each other, laugh together.

Be present.

Be there for each other.

Show your kids what an ordinary day at your house looked like.

Don't let them or yourself forget who are their real superheroes.

Táta objímá syna na zahradě při rodinném dokumentárním focení.
Rodiče po sobě stříkají vodu při rodinném focení na Nákle.

"I happily recommend Honza to everyone.

We didn't want static photos, we wanted photos
in motion, capturing life, emotion, ener

There were ten of us on the shoot, six of them kids, I think it was quite a challenge. The resulting photos were divine, exactly how we imagined them. I believe it was not our last photo shoot."

The biggest motivation
for me is to show you
your world as it is.

With all the emotions in the beauty
of the chaos of everyday routine.

You are all a part of it and you deserve to be in the photos together.

Rodinný fotograf z Olomouce, Jan Doležal, portrét v lese.

I'm here so you can
remember 10 years from now how it felt then


I'd love to know more about you. Fill out the contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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