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Rodiče se drží za ruku u vody při těhotenském focení u rybníku.


You've made a new life together.

Celebrate your last moments, side by side, before you become a family.


Let's take a walk to your favorite place, or enjoy a photo shoot in the comfort of your own home.

Přítel objímá partnerku při těhotenském focení v olomouckých uličkách.

"We wanted a relaxed photo shoot with someone who can create a nice atmosphere so that the photos would feel natural and 'ours', and that's exactly what happened with Honza!

We even had fun (both of us, and that says something!), laughed, and now it's just a matter of choosing which photos to frame... I'm thrilled,
the photos exceeded my expectations and I'm looking forward to the next one. With Honza, you definitely won't feel like 'next in line on the treadmill click click click' and it shows in the photos. Thank you for the wonderful memories of a special time!"



Fill out the contact form below, we will arrange the most convenient date and location for the photo shoot so that we can get everything done in advance.



We can shoot at a location that means something to you,
at home, or I'll help you find
the perfect place


I will gladly assist you with anything you need, just remember that all I need is for you to be present.


It's here! We will spend about an hour together.
This time is for you two to enjoy together, walking, hugging, laughing.


You get priceless moments to remember the days before you became a family. Your photos are ready to be printed, framed and put on the wall.

They're there to remind you what it was like before your life turned upside down
(in the best way!).

I'd love to learn more about you. Fill out the contact form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Big changes are coming soon.

Take a moment just for you.


Celebrate your relationship
and everything that you've created together. 

You deserve it.


That's what I'm here for,

to make sure you don't forget.


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