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Novomanželé se smějí pod závojem, reportážní svatební focení, svatební fotograf Olomouc.


Authentic, unadulterated photos packed with emotion for anyone who wants to be themselves.

Your photos will only feel as amazing
as you allow yourself to enjoy the wedding.

Put all the worries and expectations of others behind you.

It's YOUR day, YOUR story

Hold hands, hug each other, laugh together.

Be present.

Be there for each other.

Nevěsta se směje po obřadu se svou družičkou, svatební focení, Zábeštní Lhota, Bešť.

“Emotions, love, moments, laughter and joy. 

Honza managed to capture the atmosphere of the wedding perfectly, so when we look at the photos, we feel like we've stepped back in time to relive our day.
He's not some stranger taking your pictures, he's a tremendously likable guy who became a part of our day."

Eliška & Pavel

Nevěsta spadla na parketu při tančení s oddávajícím, svatební párty, reportážní focení svateb.
Svatební a rodinný fotograf Jan Doležal působící v Olomouckém kraji.

I'm here to make sure you don't forget all these precious moments.

For that,
I will do my absolute best.


Live your day without the unnecessary stress and with peace of mind that you'll find everything
you desire in the photos.


More and more people regret not having their wedding atmosphere captured authentically.


Are you ready to start your journey knowing
that you won't forget how it felt?

Rodina se tulí pod dekou, rodinné focení Sluňákov, Olomouc.

"I can only recommend Honza. My husband and I are one of those people who don't like to be photographed, so we were worried about how the shoot would go and whether it would be too posed. We were very pleasantly surprised that everything was unforced and natural. He was able to make us all laugh and the atmosphere was very relaxed.


The resulting photos are beautiful, family friendly.

I look forward to hanging them on our wall."

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