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Veronika & Michal

1. 10. 2022

Two years ago, Verča was a maid of honor at her sister's wedding, where we met. This year, they switched roles. I have been photographing their family regularly since then and I appreciate them very much. There was no shortage of emotion at this wedding either, which was only emphasized by the bride's pregnancy and her new role as an aunt. Neither kept her from enjoying her day fully, though. They got married Best - Hospudka ve Stodole in Zabestni Lhota. We then went to the nearby quarry Vykleky for a photo shoot. Even though we missed the autumn colours by a week, we had the whole quarry to ourselves and it didn't take away from the atmosphere. If you're not even upset about your house burning down during your wedding, you're headed in the right direction. So may your love for each other be the only fire burning in your lives!

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