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Rodina s dětmi se objímá pod třešní při celodenní rodinné dokumentární fotografii, den v životě, na prvního máje.


What would it mean to you to be able to go back in time and experience
one of your "normal" days again?

To capture your daily routine as it really happened,
with all the mundane and the extraordinary little things?


Parenthood brings a lot of challenges and everyday joys

that can be quickly taken as granted.

I'm here to remind you how much
you mean to your loved ones.

Máma s dcerou hrají hru s prsty při rodinném lifestyle focení v Přerově.

Give yourself and your children photos of you spending time together. One day you'll be looking through them and they'll point a finger at one

„Remember doing this with us?

I loved that!“ 

I'll spend all day with you as part of your daily routine. This is not a photo shoot as such, think of me as a friend who came to hang out for the day,
just with a came
ra in hand.

You just need to be yourselves.

Nothing less, nothing more.

Dítě jede v nákupním košíku se slunečními brýlemi na výletě v květinářství, reportážní focení rodiny, Olomouc.

Enjoy one full day. Be present. Be together. 

The photos are then only a bonus.

Máma se s měje s dcerou u stolu, zatímco mladší syn běsní v pozadí, reportáž rodiny při focení celý den u nich doma.

"We were lucky enough to have our 'day in the life' photographed. From getting up in the morning to going
to bed. I was nervous at first, after all a whole day is a long time. The kids may not be in a good mood, you have a person with a camera there all day long. But I have to say since we started talking with Honza, everything seemed fine and my worries faded away. The day was very nice, I would say like our normal day when we are all together. Honza instantly fit into our family and was an unobtrusive part of it. I think every kind of emotion appeared throughout the day. Smiles, tears, tantrums, tiredness, and even a few accidents.


It was all so natural and effortless that in the end, it didn't even feel like a stranger was there and I had to somehow try to be perfect for the photos. Honza pretty accurately and beautifully captured what our ordinary life looks like. We would love to put all the photos on our wall. We love them and look forward to laughing with the kids one day while going through them again.

I'm so happy and wholeheartedly thank Honza for these captured moments and his dedicated time, both before and after the shoot. We really highly recommend it and we will definitely see Honza again."

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